I started Pro Blog Design in August 2007. At the time, it was purely a blog, where I shared tips and tutorials with other web developers and bloggers on how to do build great websites.

Very quickly, I started getting requests from people to design their websites for them, and for that reason, started offering our custom design and development services within a few months. I worked with a fantastic graphic design partner, and we successfully completed dozens of client projects.

In the Summer of 2012 however, we stopped our client services so that we could focus instead on projects of our own.

In May 2010, we launched a side-project that we had been working on for months; PliablePress WordPress themes. Our custom design services are high end and of course I believe they’re well worth it, but the cost can be prohibitive. The idea was that PliablePress would let casual bloggers get a high quality site quickly and easily, but unfortunately it turned out that developing generic templates wasn’t our passion, so we closed it in February 2012.

And in all that time, we’ve never stopped blogging (Well, with occasional bumps…) and sharing what we’ve learnt, and in return, we haven’t stopped learning either. We aim to make every project we work on better than the last one (Pro Blog Design itself is a good example of that, it is now on its 4th separate design!).

Naturally, I’m also on Twitter and Facebook. Isn’t everyone these days? I’d love to talk with you there, so please follow/like and feel free to send me a message any time!

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