PBD: Advanced Page Optimization


Advanced Page Optimization I’ll be working on page load times here soon, and this is the best article I’ve found Read More »

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How To Set Up a Sideblog


Since writing about the benefits of a sideblog, the idea has taken off. Sideblogs are a great way of quickly updating your readers. However, you’re still left with the problem of how to set one up.

There are various methods, including the use of Twitter or Tumblelog and then importing an RSS feed. However, those methods don’t give enough control for me, so the method I’m using is done entirely in WordPress.

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PBD: InspirationBit – 8 Ways to Blog Smarter


8 Ways to Blog Smarter InspirationBit have looked at 8 different blogs, including PBD, and come up with 8 tips Read More »

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PBD: Smashing Magazine Rocks


Smashing Rocks Blogroll now features PBD! Always knew they had good taste… ;)

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PBD: Sidebar Set Up


Look forward to recommended links and site news here. Comments will be disabled usually (Unless I need your advice!). Enjoy!

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Surround Yourself With Beautiful Things


CSS Galleries Your environment rubs off on you.

Want to be a better photographer? Browse Flickr.
Want to write better? Read great authors.
Want to be optimistic? Hang out with optimists.

It’s a simple principle, and it applies to design as well.

Want to have better taste in design? Surround yourself with beautiful things.

There are hundreds of sources of inspiration surrounding us every day, but for a web designer, the most obvious are simply other web sites.

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Paid Theme Directory is Fine By Me


WordPress logo Matt (Creator of WordPress) has just announced his plans to set up a directory of paid themes on WordPress.com. The initial reaction has been both good and bad.

Before I give my thoughts on the ups and downs of this, here’s a quick run-through of the facts.

  • Matt removed all sponsored themes from the free WordPress.org directory a few months ago.
  • The new theme directory is only for WordPress.com (The free blog host).
  • Automattic (Matt’s company) will take a 50% cut from all sales.
  • All themes must be “original, link-free, not published before, and GPL-licensed.”

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