Blogging BitsBlogging Bits is the blogging advice site run by Mohsin. What sets Blogging Bits apart from the hundreds of other meta blogs is the style he writes in.

You won’t find another site quite like it. If it suits your tastes, you may find his advice more interesting to read than some of the more dry alternatives.

The blog was redesigned not long ago, and his comments here have certainly earned him a review, so here goes.

What Has Been Done Well?

  • Minimalism. Blogging Bits is very obviously using a minimalist lay out. You can go over the blog with a fine tooth comb if you please, but you won’t find any clutter worth mentioning. A blogging blog that focuses on content, and has zero ads? Readers will notice.
  • Typography. The best aspect of the design is the typography. The crisp paragraphs, well spaced lists, clear headings and careful padding all add up to remarkably accessible content.
  • Personalised messages. “Michael wrote these pithy words:” “Come on, say something!” Mohsin’s personalised messages are much more fun to work with.
  • Page x of y archives. Most blogs end their archive pages with “Previous Posts,” and “Next Posts,” links. If you look at the bottom of the home page, you’ll see a different set up, similar to the navigation in a search engine results page, or a forum topic list. Much more useful.

What Could be Changed?

  • Search bar and sidebar RSS link. The one element on the page that keeps pulling my attention is the search bar, because of the raised background it sits on. The effect looks good, but I wonder if swapping the positions of the search bar and the RSS ad below may result in more people noticing the RSS?
  • Sidebar column alignment. As the typography on the site has been so carefully looked after, lining up the 2 columns of sidebar links would be a worthwhile finishing touch.
  • Lose an RSS link. In the top half of the screen, there are 3 separate RSS links. The blog is so uncluttered that it hardly matters, but 3 is still overkill. I’d suggest running a Crazy Egg test and dumping the least used option.

All in all, the redesign has been a success. It is as clean and clear as its predecessor, which is no mean feat. This is one of the few blogs that has pulled off the minimalist look, without losing its personality in the process.

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