Business Blog Wire Business Blog Wire is a blog run by Easton Ellsworth. The blog is focused particularly on businesses blogging, but also for any money-making bloggers out there.

So, what can be said about its design? It’s a plain design, but it works. There is a lot of content, and a lot of links to other sites in its blog network.

What Has Been Done Well?

  • Post headings. Have a look at the headings and you’ll see why I think they’re great. Scanning down the home page for post titles is not a problem here.
  • Advertising. It’s not often that I’d pick out the adverts as a good feature, but when a site has to make money, it has to make money. The ads on BBW struck me as particularly well integrated. Money bloggers might pick up some tips here.
  • Expanded footer. The footer contains snippets of RSS feeds from other blogs in the network. The footer is being put to good use, and the content isn’t taking up room elsewhere in the site.

What Could be Changed?

  • Link rollovers. When you roll over a link, it goes yellow. On a white background, that makes it extremely hard to read (And it’s not that my eyesight is too bad…yet). I can see why they’ve chosen yellow, to match the yellow sidebar, but readability is more important.
  • Subscription options placed higher up the page. For most blogs, gaining new subscribers is one of the top goal’s. As such, you want your subscription options to be noticeable. The RSS button here needs more prominence.
  • Snappy slogan in the banner. The current slogan is a little long, and it’s relatively un-noticeable. Why not try something shorter, and swap its position with the "Advertise here" link in the header?
  • Clutter. The sidebar is very busy. If the content really has to be there, then that’s fine. However, the monthly archives could be taken out at the least. Is there anything else that isn’t crucial?

Business Blog Wire is a content-heavy site, and the simple design works for it. It’s not going to win any awards for design, but the header is good and the content isn’t being taken away from. That’s usually good enough. All that is needed are a few little touch-ups.

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