Darjan Panic Darjan Panic is a freelance designer, with a very unique looking blog. There is nothing conventional in this blog’s design. It’s different, and it’s bold. What better candidate for a review?

What Has Been Done Well?

  • Logo. The Darjan Panic logo is perfect. It is easily memorable, clearly shows the site’s initials, and looks great as part of the actual design. It is the very first thing you will notice upon arriving at the site, and for good reason. You’ll even find it being used effectively as a bullet point! In short, it meets all of David Airey’s criteria for a great logo.
  • Unique design. It goes without saying that this isn’t your ordinary blog. For most blogs, following some level of convention is recommended, but Darjan is a designer, and his unique look helps him stand out from the thousands of other designers out there. Creativity is a virtue.
  • Graphic effects. In an age of minimalism and simplicity, it can be refreshing to see a designed site every now and again. Whilst many content-heavy blogs would suffer from such a design, it works for the shorter posts that Darjan makes. The main navigation buttons, background effects and headings all make for a memorable design.
  • Color. With the style of this site, the normal white background was never going to be good enough. Instead, Darjan has picked a heavy blue color which suits the rest of the design, and a white font which is clearly visible on top.

What Could be Changed?

  • Purpose. What is the site about? There are few clues to let me know that this is a portfolio site. The main indicator is the “Work Availability” box towards the top right. At the very least, the About and Portfolio pages should be completed soon, but aside from that, why not add a welcoming paragraph? It could even be used to mention the extensive collection of free WordPress themes, which aren’t otherwise obvious.
  • Structure. The design has clearly been influenced by Veerle Pieters’ legendary design. However, the one element missing is the structure. Veerle’s design is unique and modern but its true conceit is how it still adheres to a strict grid structure. The structure in Veerle’s blog maintains order and sense. In a similar way, a good structure could be used on Darjan Panic to help place the various elements more logically.
  • Two StumbleUpon buttons. A minor flaw, but on each of the posts, there are two StumbleUpon buttons. It would help reduce clutter to remove at least one of them.

Overall, Darjan’s blog is best described as being different. The majority of blogs could not pull off a similar design, because it does not focus on the content. However, for a freelance graphics designer looking to leave an impression, it works. The great effects and modern style are sure to win him the attention of at least a few possible clients.

NB – If you want to put your blog forward as a possibility for a future review, let me know in a comment or email.

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