Housewife confessions blog. is a blog run by Evelester, and it has nothing to do with design. The blog hosted here is actually called Confessions of a Housewife and is her personal advice blog, with a very distinct style.

What Has Been Done Well?

  • Cartoon drawing. Easily the most memorable aspect of this blog’s design is the cartoon housewife fixed in the background. The smiling housewife, hard at work with the house chores is a great design, and a uniquely memorable feature. You won’t forget her in a hurry.
  • First post given special attention. The homepage is for the most part, a 3 column layout with post excerpts in the center column. However, instead of allowing the sidebar to take precedent over the content, Evelester has used a theme which places the first post above the sidebars, allowing her content to be the first thing a reader sees when visiting the site.
  • Tabbed navigation. The tabbed navigation system here is using a lovely effect. When you highlight a tab, the tab physically stands in front of the others. The only small annoyance is that the “Articles” text tends to jump around a little.
  • Fancy font post titles. Typography is an art, and Evelester seems well aware of that. Each of her post titles is in a unique font, which suits the style of the design perfectly, and more importantly, adds a lot of personality to the blog.

What Could be Changed?

  • Sidebar text link effects. The text links in the sidebar look good, and fit in with the site well. However, when you hover over a link, the darkening effect is so subtle as to be hardly noticeable. A more obvious effect, such as a greater color change or a background change, may be more useful.
  • “What is my blog worth?” widget. This is a pet peeve of mine, but the blog value widget is little more than a bit of fun. It grossly overestimates the value of every blog entered, and is of no benefit to your readers. Is it really worth having it take up space in one of the most valuable areas of your site?
  • Search bar. The search bar disappears on single post pages, but is there on the home page. Regular users may know about it being there, but most others won’t, and even the nuisance of having to return to the home page to search is off putting. Furthermore, it would be nice to have the default “search” text automatically hide when clicked on.

All in all, I love the Confessions of a Housewife design. It is so unique and so full of character! Out of the thousands of home advice blogs out there, this one is one that you will remember.

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