iProduct is a premium WordPress theme from PremiumThemes.Net. It is aimed at site’s selling a digital product, though it does include a full blog design as well.

In this post we are going to take a look at the ups and downs of the theme to see what we can learn from it. To start, open up the demo page in a new tab to have a look at it for yourself.

NB – Full disclosure: This is a sponsored review, however there are no affiliate links, so it’s of no benefit to me to try talking you into purchasing the theme.

What Has Been Done Well?

The homepage layout devotes the majority of the space to highlighting just one product, the focus of your site. The large viewing area gives more than enough room for the product to be shown off.

This works great for instantly grabbing the user and sending them to your best-selling (or only!) product.


Page titles are a core part of the design. The page titles (shown above) are set on a dark black background, making them extremely noticeable. But the background doesn’t feel like it is there to highlight the title, it feels like it is simply a part of the design.

The large, easy-to-read font is helpful for a user in quickly gauging what page they are on, but the integration of the black stripe and the overall design stops the header from becoming overwhelming. It has been done perfectly.


Sidebar design. The sidebars are the real highlight of iProduct. The whole design of the site is very minimal and unobtrusive.

A simple grey gradient with some nice typography is all that was needed here for a great effect. They look as clean as the rest of the site, but sleek and modern for the user.

On top of that, the page that the user is currently on is highlighted in the sidebar (And in the header navigation too), which helps prevent users from getting lost.


On the blog page, the dates for recent posts are shown in relative terms. Instead of listing the date the post was written, it will instead show how long it has been since then.

For older posts, the format reverts back to listing the date.

What Could be Changed?

The sidebar navigation features sub-pages and it shows them nested under their parents (As can be seen in the sidebar screenshot above). This work perfectly and displays the entire navigation for a user.


However, with the head navigation, the sub-pages are left out. The top navigation bar looks great, but a rollover/dropdown menu to show subpages would be a great addition.


The image above shown the complete color scheme of iProduct, taken from the stylesheet. The various tones of grey (Not sure where the orange was used) have been used effectively to create a very minimal, sleek design.

However, with the grey page background in particular, the site can look quite dull. There is no doubt that the current color scheme does look good and will work well for many products, but it won’t be ideal for everyone.

It would be great to see some other varieties being offered, with brighter, livelier color schemes.

The final thing I would like to see changed is that there is no clear “Buy It Now” button anywhere on the site. There are links to all sorts of information about the product, but you have to go to the Pricing page and then click a “Buy It Now” button which blends too well into the design.


Something like Woot’s big, yellow “I want one!” button is the perfect call-to-action to convert readers into customers.


iProduct is a beautifully minimal theme that uses simple, tidy effects to shift all attention from the sleek design to your product. That is the only thing you need your design to do on a product site, and iProduct accomplishes that perfectly.

The dark color scheme won’t suit everyone, but it wouldn’t cost much to hire a developer to adjust the color scheme to something more suiting to your product.

If iProduct looks like the theme for you, you can purchase it here for $70. We have only looked at the aesthetics of the theme here, iProduct also comes with a very comprehensive control panel for managing every aspect of your theme. Check out the site to see more.

Well, that’s my thoughts. Now it’s your turn, how does iProduct look to you?

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