starfeeder2.jpg Starfeeder is a fan site for the massively popular StarCraft series of sci-fi strategy games. Naturally, Starfeeder sports a very modern, techy, design to suit the series. Has it pulled it off?

What Has Been Done Well?

  • Header image. Most blogs show their topic through a well-thought-up title, a good slogan, or some other sort of written message. Starfeeder however has chosen to use a striking image from the game itself. Very effective, and any long-time StarCraft fan will appreciate the joke!
  • Semi-transparent content background. The image mentioned above is fixed into the background of the page, i.e. as you scroll down, it stays on screen. I’m not usually a fan of this, but in Starfeeder’s case, they have added a gorgeous translucency effect to the dark background of the content area. The image shines through enough to look good, but not enough to obstruct legibility.
  • Comment form. The entire design has been very well laid out, with close attention paid to the small details. The comment form in particular strikes me as well done, with the consistent spacing and well coordinated coloring.
  • Rounded AdSense advert. It is strange to pick out an advert as an example of good design, but this is one of the first times that I’ve seen Google’s new rounded-corner AdSense units being used well.

What Could be Changed?

  • Jittery scrolling. This only seems to occur in FireFox, but as I scroll the page, the Google ads and BlogRush widget jump up and down. Perhaps this is just my computer, but if not, I would look into fixing it. The jumpiness is quite aggravating.
  • MyBlogLog widget. The MyBlogLog widget has been well personalized already (I’m a Zergling!), but the design could do with a few more tweaks. Matching the background color to that of the other sidebar sections is a must, and rounded corners would be more than welcome.
  • “Hosted By…” section. By no means a big problem, but is this section truly necessary? Yes, MediaTemple are a fantastic host (We’re with them as well), but the referral program isn’t so great. Is this extra advert really worth it?

All in all, the Starfeeder design is excellent. It is a prime example of the little details adding up to a great experience. From the futuristic coloring, to the well laid out typography, to the blended hr‘s, Starfeeder’s design adds up to a very memorable site.

What are your thoughts on the design?

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