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What Has Been Done Well?

  • The header. The image in particular is striking, and easily the most memorable aspect of the design. The clean black of the rest of the header fits perfectly with the sleek car.
  • Post images. Continuing the photography trend, every post has an image at the start. It’s good to see a blogger taking the time for this, and surely reaping rewards in return.
  • Post headings. The large post titles stand out clearly, making it easy to scan down the list of posts on the home page. Furthermore, the faint gray date is there, but it’s not taking away from the actual title. Very good.
  • Sidebar links. They look good and they’re easy to browse through. What more to say?

What Could Be Changed?

  • Navigation. The header contains most of the main navigation, but it’s not the easiest to work with. The semi-transparent box over the image is the sort of area that I would normally expect to find a blurb, not links. Beyond that, there’s no link to an “About” page up there.
  • Proud Sponsor of The Daily Rambler.” This heading for one of your banners is getting more attention than you actual post headings. It isn’t necessary (Readers can tell it’s an ad), and dropping it would draw a little less attention away from the post.
  • Post footers. The post footers are very tall, but use very little of their breadth. The positioning of the elements in the footers could be better done to make better use of the space. The background color is also quite strong, meaning that the footers draw a lot more attention than they need to.
  • Sidebar bug. There’s a bug with the sidebar where the background stop part of the way down. Usually I wouldn’t draw attention to that, but one of your AdSense ads is no longer blended the way it should be.

In conclusion, the aesthetics look good. The images are striking, and the colors complement them well. Instead of focusing more on that, I would focus on removing a little of the visual clutter. There’s a great blog underneath it.

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