We’re all on Twitter now, and it needs no introduction. But with so many people on Twitter, how can you make your profile stand out?

Twitter doesn’t offer a lot of tools for customizing your profile. It doesn’t go much further than a background image and a few colors.

But as you’ll see below, that’s more than enough for some people.

We’ve collected together over 35 of the most creative Twitter profiles around. The most common trend is a fancy background design to the left, but you’ll see that some people have used very large images to get effects right across the screen.

Ben Lind twitter_com_tutwow

 Aaron Miller twitter_com_aaronmillerillz

 Andres Armeda twitter_com_dremeda

 Jon B twitter_com_webdude75

 David Gheorghita twitter_com_colourofair

 Jody Phillips twitter_com_jodyphillips

 A u d e e twitter_com_graphicidentity

 Niko Bellic twitter_com_NIK0_BELLIC

 Emily Chang twitter_com_emilychang

 Lindsey twitter_com_cssgirl

 Justine twitter_com_ijustine

 Jonathan Nafarrete twitter_com_jonathan360

 Paul Boag twitter_com_boagworld

 Djurdjica Selec twitter_com_djuro

 Collis twitter_com_collis

 Chris Spooner twitter_com_chrisspooner

 Wolfgang Bartelme twitter_com_bartelme

 Ryan Carson twitter_com_ryancarson

 Mike Smith twitter_com_blogdesigner

 Calvin Lee twitter_com_mayhemstudios

 Nourayehia twitter_com_nourayehia

 Franz Jeitz twitter_com_fudgegraphics

 Dani McDaniel twitter_com_dani

 Web Design Blog twitter_com_Garcya

 Arron Lock twitter_com_arronlock

 Steve Mc. twitter_com_stevethegreat

 Nyssa (aka nyssi) twitter_com_nyssabdesign

 Art Webb twitter_com_webb_art

 Jim Dempsey twitter_com_thegraphicmac

 Youri twitter_com_Designfeedr

 Khayyam Wakil twitter_com_iamkhayyam

 Stuart Robertson twitter_com_designmeme James Fleeting twitter_com_twofivethreetwo

 Philip Goldfinch twitter_com_creativejuice

 Go Media twitter_com_Go_Media

 Ronald Bien twitter_com_naldzgraphics

 Marco Kuiper twitter_com_marcofolio

With so many millions of users on Twitter though, we definitely haven’t seen every profile. If you know of a great looking Twitter page, share the link with us here!

Which profile was your favorite?

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