CSS Galleries Your environment rubs off on you.

Want to be a better photographer? Browse Flickr.
Want to write better? Read great authors.
Want to be optimistic? Hang out with optimists.

It’s a simple principle, and it applies to design as well.

Want to have better taste in design? Surround yourself with beautiful things.

There are hundreds of sources of inspiration surrounding us every day, but for a web designer, the most obvious are simply other web sites.

CSS galleries feature some of the best looking CSS-based designs on the web, and the good news for us is that the vast majority of those designs are blogs. Following a gallery will let you continually see great examples of design. Over time, your sense of what good design is will get better and better.

The more immediate impact of course is that when you do spot a feature you like, there’s no reason not to attempt something similar on your own blog.

8 CSS Galleries Worth Following

  1. CSS Mania – The gallery I’m subscribed to, largely because of how it updates. A batch update of around 10 designs every 2-3 days. Makes it easy to flick through, and never time consuming.
  2. CSS Remix – It’s built from WordPress. A great example of what can be achieved from the “blogging” platform.
  3. Best Web Gallery – Run by Nick La, who also writes two fantastic design blogs; Web Designer Wall and N.Design Studio. Talk about qualified…
  4. CSS Drive – Beyond the usual gallery, CSS Drive give special focus on menu designs.
  5. CSS Reboot – For site redesigns. CSS Reboot is based on a voting system (Like Digg), making it a little more social than usual.
  6. Nice Stylesheet – The new kid on the block was started up by Deron Sizemore, and based on his blog, you can bet it will be a great gallery.
  7. W3Csites – The biggest standards advocate among the galleries.
  8. CSS Beauty – CSS Beauty run a couple of great services for designers. The gallery isn’t their strongest though.

There are hundreds of other galleries out there, but these would be my recommendations. Subscribe to one, or to many, and let the good examples rub off on you.

Do you follow a gallery at the minute? Which one?

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