Unique In yesterday’s post I discussed how the design of a personal blog can be an enjoyable experience because of the many design freedoms it offers. The key with a personal blog design is to let your personality shine through.

There are a number of ways in which this can be done through your writing and commenting style, but it can also be done in your design. Listed below are just some of the different might use to go about making a design that little bit more unique.

  • Header design. The blog’s heading is arguably the best place to be creative. Let your heading reflect who you are. What are your hobbies and interests? Why not put photos of them in your header?
  • Color scheme. Often in design you must choose colors based on a site’s previous branding and design, or to fit with a certain logo. With personal blog design, you choose your favorite color. What can you learn about a person from their favorite color?
  • Personal photograph. In your personal blog, people want to know about you. It goes without saying that in such an environment, putting a face to the words goes a long way.
  • Your own style. When people just want to get in to your blog, get what they need, then get out, they enjoy a clean, minimalist look which helps them with their goals. With a personal blog, readers may not be after anything in particular, and so you have the freedom to be a little more creative (But not too much. Your blog still needs to be usable!)
  • Post signatures. In line with using a photograph to emphasise the human aspect of your blog, why not replicate another human trait, signatures? A person’s signature tends to be a unique way of identifying the person. In an internet of limited typefaces, we lose that distinction in our writing. Why not bring it back, by adding a signature image to the end of your posts like Mommy Zabs does?
  • Make your category list prominent. Personal blogs are many and varied. You never quite know what you’re going to get. By putting your personality clearly into your blog, you clear up some of this confusion. A good way of further clarifying your blog is a prominent category list. The list of categories is essentially a list of your interests, and will help readers tremendously. Of course, you may not want to go overboard with your interests!
  • Playful widgets. Provided you don’t go over the top, it can be nice to add something special to your blog just because it’s fun to have. For instance, the MyBlogLog widget is semi-useful because it puts a face to your readers, helping with the personal aspect of things. One or two dips such dips into the pool of the weird and wonderful widget is not going to hurt much on a personal blog.

The possibilities are quite limitless. What other ways can you come up with?

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