Personal blog design. In the hubbub of blogging advice and tips, personal blogs often get overlooked. Business blogs seem to take all the attention, even though there are a good deal more personal blogs than business ones online. This seems to have extended into design advice as well but let’s change that.

What makes personal blog design unique?

To answer this, ask yourself: what makes a blog a personal blog? The answer: anything and everything! Your personal blog can be whatever you want it to be. It’s yours. The level of freedom you have with your content is unparalleled and that same level of freedom extends into your blog’s design.

That is what makes personal blog design unique.

Your Blog’s Purpose

All good designs start with a clear knowledge of the site’s goals. What is the purpose of the web site? What is the purpose of its design? What sections of the site are you trying to highlight?

The long standing problem with personal blog design is that this fundamental aspect of design is left out. “It’s a personal blog, it doesn’t have a purpose.” But it does.

Your blog’s purpose is to be you. When a person reads your personal blog, they are reading it to hear your words, and your thoughts. It’s less about solving a problem or learning something useful, as it is about hearing what you have to say on whatever topic you happen to be writing on.

In the same way that a reader can learn about you from what you say, they should be able to learn about you from your blog’s design.

Creative License – Do What You Will

The great thing about designing a personal blog is that there are no boundaries. You are free to do whatever you want! In fact, it’s actually better to just do whatever you feel like in most cases because in doing so, you are showing off more of your personality and who you are.

Business blogs tend to be tied down by various rules. They must maintain a “professional” image, match the company colors or and ensure that no aspect of the design is ever allowed to undermine the goal of clicking on adverts/making sales etc. Personal blogs are not held back by these restraints. You have complete creative license. Take advantage of it!

In tomorrow’s post I’ll go through a number of different ways of doing just that. You’ll see some of the best ways of putting your personality into design.

We’ve all read personal blogs before. Which one captured your attention best? Whose blog was the most strikingly creative?

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