Text subscriber count. When I reviewed the new Freelance Switch design, one thing I noted was how they display their subscriber count as plain text, not using the little FeedBurner chicklet.

This trick isn’t one that you usually see around the blogosphere, so I did a little investigating. The effect can be achieved using FeedBurner’s Awareness API.

Unfortunately, I’m yet to find a guide as to how exactly…

However, there is good news for WordPress users. Francesco Mapelli has put together a very easy to use plugin that does all the heavy lifting for you. Install the plugin like any other plugin, then fill in a few options, and you’ll end up with markup like this in your HTML:

<div class="feedcountdiv">
<span class="feedcount">
<span class="before">Only</span>
<span class="subscribers">9999</span>
<span class="after">subscribers!</span>

And with a little CSS magic, you can style it however you want. Eezy peezy, if you’re a WordPress user… (Sorry guys! Having no luck with other platforms.)

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