Update (17/10/09): We’re now up to 28 awesome green web designs, thanks to all your comments!

Today is the 3rd Blog Action Day, meaning that you’ll be bombarded by articles from all over the internet on helping our environment. We took part in the first two, and of course we’ll be taking part in the bombardment today as well.

Keeping in line with our regular topic, we’ve pulled together a collection of the best designed “green” blogs and websites out there.

As web and graphic designers, one of the easiest ways we can help out a green organization is to help out with their site’s design. There are a lot of big environmental websites out there with great information which could do with a facelift!

Hopefully the sites below will inspire you with what you can come up with for a “green” website, whether it’s green or not!

And more importantly, the content on all these sites is packed with information on the effects of issues like global warming and foresting, along with tips on how to reduce your impact.

Inhabitat – One of the nicest green color palettes in this list.9

Planet Green – With a pretty brave logo! Seems to work though.2 – No green to be found, which is a nice change! This one’s all in the header photo.3

The Greenists – Little details like the leaves in the nav and sidebar headings are done perfectly. 6

Treehugger – You *must* load up this site and check out their navigation trick on the right side.4

World Changing – Organizes its content particularly well.5 – A lot more striking than most others in the list!23

EcoGeek – Very relaxing and easy on the eye.22

No Impact Man – The illustration in the header makes this one, great work!7

The Daily Green – The header typography across the site looks great.8

Apple and the Environment – Like all things Apple, this one is well designed.10

Evergreen – The grey and white with the awesome background image give this site a very different feel to the others. Definitely one way to stand out!11

Climate Progress – Not as graphically impressive as some of the others here, you still have to give them credit for doing something different with the green color scheme.12

Clean Technica – All about green technology. Notice the clever design in the logo?13

Alt.Energy – The design here is mostly in shades of grey, but color is used very effectively for splitting up the different sections (blue for hydropower, orange for solar etc.)1

Take Part – Very cutting edge design with some great effects!14

Greenpeace – Not as impressive as you would have liked from such a large movement, but if nothing else, it is quite neatly done.15

Cool Green Science – Extremely minimal, and it works.16

Earth2Tech – Another clever play on circuit boards and leaves, Earth2Tech also has a nice layout for posts on the homepage.17

Carbon War Room – Stunning graphics work on the planet, and a pretty impressive script as well (Shows the scale of various emissions and green energy generation)18

Earth Hour – Another excellent site maintained by the WWF.19

Global Warming on – A social networking design with a lot of character.20

What do you think of these designs? Have any favourites? What would you do for a “green” web design?

And if you want to learn more about Blog Action Day and the thousands of articles being written by bloggers around the globe, be sure to check out Blog Action Day’s official site.

Update (15/10/09): Thanks to Gopal Raju and Sunil, we have 2 more awesome green designs to add to the list! Thanks guys.

Green Ideas – A very peaceful design with a fantastic illustration! Globe Ideas

Heroes of the UAE – It’s not often I say this, but the Flash video actually makes this design. Heroes of the UAE

Update (17/10/09): You guys are amazing, thanks to Rich Sturim, Michael Hepher, Alex, and milo for sharing what yous have come up with for green web designs. Great work!

Brighter Planet has a very simple design with a perfect color scheme. 26

CB Green has a very “earthy” feel with the rich brown background, and a pretty cool logo to boot! 27

Be Green Chic is a theme for a green shopping site with plenty of strong graphic usage. 28

53 Mondays is an interesting one because it is a web design portfolio site first and foremost, but their unique selling point is that they are eco-friendly. Read more here!29

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