This day last week, Walter of Web Designer Depot fame launched his newest venture; One week in, we’re going to take a look at the site so far and see what we make of it.

Mighty Deals is a site aimed at saving designers and other creatives a fortune on the tools and services they use every day. They offer one product at a time, at a massively discounted price (Around 50% so far), and each deal lasts only 24-48 hours.

This post was sponsored by Walter, but if you read on, you’ll see why I was very happy to review this new service. Let’s start with the main reason…

Mighty Deals Is Inherently Good Value

This has nothing to do with the offers they’ve put on so far; it’s the concept itself that means Mighty Deals can only ever be good value for you.

If you’re a Mac user, you’ll be familiar with the idea of “bundles”, where someone collects together a set of related products/services, and sells the bundle as a whole for a hugely discounted cost. It’s an idea that’s also taken off in the web industry lately with great sites like from Noura Yehia.

With a bundle though, the inevitable fact is that there is likely to be just one or two products in the bundle that really appeal to you. The rest you will just discard sooner or later. It means that sometimes bundles are a great deal, whilst other times they just lure you in with the sheer number of items on the shelf.

With Mighty Deals, they only sell one product at a time. And it is always at a cheaper cost that it will be to buy individually anywhere else. That means you simply wait until a product you really want is on offer, and then grab it (And only it!) while it’s cheap. There’s no lure to spending your money on items you won’t actually use.

It’s Fun Too

This may be affecting me more because I live in the UK so I’ve never been able to watch, but Mighty Deals has been fun for me over the past week. It’s cool getting to discover great new products, or see ones you’ve been eying for a while suddenly cheap enough to justify splurging on.

All of the ways that you’d expect to be able to keep up with the deals are available; Twitter, Facebook, RSS, and a nicely designed newsletter.

So What Has Been On Offer So Far?

You can see the deals in full on their Past Deals page, but here’s a quick look at what you’ve already missed:

  • The Ultimate Designer Toolkit was a massive collection of graphic design add-ons, with literally thousands of gradients, textures, brushes, icons etc.
  • A $50 voucher at for only $10 would have saved you a lot on money on your next print job!
  • Digging into WordPress is a very popular and regularly updated ebook for new WordPress users.
  • The current deal is 50% off a premium design feedback package at Concept Feedback (A site run by Andrew Follett which I can highly recommend!).

I’ve been really enjoying Mighty Deals so far. It’s fun to watch and could end up saving me a fair bit of money, which is never a bad thing.

What are your thoughts on it? Think you’ll be interested in keeping up with the offers?

(PS – While we’re here, Walter has just launched another project, Brush Lovers, for sharing and downloading Photoshop brushes. Might be worth taking a look if you want to bump up your collection!)

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