How to Make Exciting Screenshots (In Photoshop or Gimp!)



Have you seen screenshots on other blogs and wondered how they made something plain look so vivid and unique?

Engaging your readers with beautiful graphics isnʼt as hard as you might think! This tutorial will teach you how to create more eye-catching screenshots with just a few simple techniques.

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Design Review: 21 Gun Studios



Last week I put up a series of polls, and one of them asked if I should bring back the Design Review posts I used to write. The overwhelming response was yes, so here we go!

This site under review here is 21 Gun Studios, a web design firm run by Adam. He blogs about web development, and the layout is quite unique (Which is why I chose it!).

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Quick Feedback for Pro Blog Design’s Future


future1 Image by Nattu.

I want to know a little more about you the readers here on Pro Blog Design. Are the posts here exactly what you want to be reading? Could I be doing things better?

If you could take a minute to answer the short polls below, and leave a comment if you’re up for it, then hopefully together we’ll find a way to make things even better!

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How to Make a Blogger Business Card in 5 Minutes (And Win 1000 free!)



As bloggers we’re used to doing all our networking and promotion online. None of us are likely to be taking out billboard advertising deals any time soon, but a business card is a cheap and easy way to network in the real world as well.

Why not hand one over the next time your cousin asks about your “web thing” again? Or that co-worker with the techy friends? Or the talkative guy beside you on the bus?

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55 Premium WordPress Themes to Blow Your Mind



About a year ago, premium WordPress themes started appearing on the market. At the time, that meant themes that were a cut above the rest. But now it just means a theme with a price tag latched onto it.

There are still great premium themes out there, and well worth paying the money for. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot that aren’t worth paying the money for now.

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Poverty in Pictures


Today is Blog Action Day 2008. Thousands of blogs and websites across the internet will be publishing articles and running competitions in the name of fighting world poverty.

There are far better writers than me out there who will write better posts than I could.

But this is a design blog. And design talks.

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Should You Use a Photo as your Twitter Picture?



Everyone seems to be on Twitter these days. Or on Plurk. Or Gravatar. Or MyBlogLog. Or Digg. Or Votetime. Or one of the million other social sites out there.

And all of those sites use an image on your profile. But what sort of image works best?

A photo of yourself? Or your logo? Or just a cool design?

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