25 Ways to Spice Up Blog Post Photos



Images enhance the visual impact of a blog and make it more likely a post will be read. One good photo can grab a reader’s attention and drive them to the article.

A post without any graphs, drawing, or photos can look daunting. Even if it’s well written, the wall of text might not appeal to anyone. A good image is often a must-have for a great post.

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How Do Cheaters Redesign And Still Win?



It takes a lot of work to redesign a blog. More time than you might have at the minute.

But your blog is starting to feel stale and the little things that always annoyed you about it are finally getting to you, so what can you do?

Fix just one thing.

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Make a Google Custom Search For Your Blog, and Make Money



Do you know that every time a person searches your blog you could make money?

Follow this tutorial and you’ll be surprised.

Why should you use Google Custom Search?

Because the WordPress search function isn’t the best. WordPress just lists every post with the search terms in it, with no priority given to the most relevant posts. Also, WordPress search doesn’t allow you to make money from it, but Google Search does.

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Building a Wiki Empire



As a Pro Blog Design reader, you’ve mastered the art of building blogs, but I want to introduce you to another form of managing information, the wiki. Certainly, you’ve seen Wikipedia and may even have contributed your writing to some of the articles. If so, then you know how easy it is to organize information with a wiki. You also may have noticed that Wikipedia tends to rank high in search engines. There are several reasons for this, but my theory is that the information is not only useful, but it also has a lot of internal links that may help articles reach the all-important Google top 10.

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How to Create a WordPress Login Form Overlay



WordPress is more than just a blogging tool. It can be used as a Content Management System (CMS) for many different purposes. It has a built in system for most things you would have to code yourself, or pay for an expensive custom application. With a little creativity, you can use basic features to power almost anything you want.

One of the most important things to a website with any hopes of establishing a user connection is having user accounts.

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Which Ad Manager Plugin Makes Managing Ads Easiest?



As bloggers, we have to spend a lot of time writing.

We also have to spend a lot of time moderating comments, following other blogs, reading emails, upgrading plugins and for some, finding advertisers.

So who wants to waste more time on setting up those ads?

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New Design for Our First Birthday!



On the 5th of August 2007, I published my first article, The Crucial Ingredients of a First Impression. Now, one year later, it’s birthday time for Pro Blog Design!

With over 2000 subscribers, 2000 comments and 120 posts, it’s been a great year. We’re celebrating with a new look, and some changes to make the next one even better. Hope you like it!

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