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Every blog wants as many subscribers as it can get. Attracting a reader’s with a noticeable RSS icon is one way of achieving that goal. The standard RSS icon won’t always cut it. With all the free icons available out there, there’s very little reason to stick to the default.

Back in April, I collected together 60 free RSS icons to use on your blog. With the 50 added here, you now have over 110 styles to choose from. The right one for your blog is bound to be in here somewhere!

Check out the first 60 feed icons here.

Circular Feed Icons

pswish gojol23 mintyferret photoshopstar psdfreebee-1 bati1975 studiom6-1

Glossy Web 2.0 Icons

blog-0tutor grandmasterb studiom6-4 da-menkampo

pinkzap-1 stumble-kapowaz

photoshoplovr webfruits-it-2


pinkzap-2 studiom6-5 wefunctionmatt-ball-design-1



jb55herjerntoptut lorinator carlnewton devilcry pinkzap-3 pinkzap-4 psdfreebee-2 smashing-2 studiom6-2 studiom6-3 studiom6-6

webfruits-it matt-ball-design-2 customize-arzo blogperfume

Ask The Owner of these Two if They’re Free!

mannodesign mapelli

Design Freak

All 10 of the fantastic icons below were made by the same site, Design Freak (In Russian).

design-freak-1 design-freak-2 design-freak-3 design-freak-4 design-freak-5 design-freak-6 design-freak-7 design-freak-8 design-freak-9 design-freak-10

Between these and the first set, you’re bound to have found something by now! And don’t forget that you can show your RSS count in plain text next to the icon if you want.

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