Update: The first 60 feed icons can be found on this page. The next 50 are in part two, 50+ More Free RSS Feed Icons. Enjoy!

The standard RSS icon is too common. Everyone has seen it. Make your feed subscription more appealing by using one of the unique RSS icons below.

The first 43 icons are all free, and many come with a range of color variations. The last section is probably free, but you’ll need to email the authors to be certain. Click an image to visit the source of the icon.

Circular Feed Icons

f-nam0 f-blackwind f-fasticon

f-vikiworksf-dryicons f-simdes

f-hectorbambino f-c-visual-blast2 f-dryicons2

f-c-randaclay f-randomjabber

Glossy Web2.0 RSS Icons

f-monofactor f-computerhovel


f-bittbox f-computerhovel2

f-unknown2 f-utombox f-fasticon f-gojol23

f-c-snap2 f-unknown


f-c-gordonmac problogger f-c-visual-blast1




f-zeusboxstudio f-websiteicons f-subtraction







f-icojoy4 f-unknown3 f-abdussamad-animated

The “Probably Free, But Ask The Owner”s

The following icons are the ones I found in various blog sidebars or Flickr, but couldn’t find the original source of. They link to the page I found them on. If anyone knows any of the sources, please let me know so I can give them credit.


mysites-advisor contestblogger

bomberstudios opera-th webmastern

7292384 mosilager howtospoter

dresden mediawhiz junkcamerapix vikiworks

blogclout 51035941


With all those icons to choose from, you have no excuse for not finding an icon to suit your blog’s design. And a huge thanks to all the designers who gave us these icons for free!

Now that you’ve seen the first load, make sure you check out the rest in 50+ More Free RSS Feed Icons!

Bonus: Whatever you do, I wouldn’t recommend using any of the alternative icons considered for Internet Explorer 7.


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