Convince Ad Blockers to Turn Your Ads Back On


Ad block no ads. As bloggers, many of us rely on adverts for income. A new danger is shadowing that income though; the ad blockers. We have already asked whether ad blocking is moral or not, but regardless of the answer, people will continue to use it.

If you’re looking to protect your income, you need a solution to this problem. Blocking all FireFox users is not a good solution, and even blocking only those using the extension isn’t ideal either.

The Answer Is To Hide an Image

In the morality discussion, we came to the conclusion that whilst ad blocking may not be moral, and while it may damage the internet as a whole, it will continue to be used because it suits individuals. And therein lies the answer.

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Is Ad Blocking Immoral? Does it Matter?


Adblock Plus Adblock Plus is an extension to the FireFox browser that let’s you selectively block adverts. It is a rather advanced plugin with many options, but is it moral to use? Or is it stealing from bloggers?

The New York Times have given some facts behind the extension. Between the details of what exactly ad blocking is, and how it relates to various business models on the internet, one quote in particular stands out, “300,000 to 400,000 new users each month.” Is that figure worrying or to be expected?

There are some strong opinions for both sides of the debate. For instance, one article says that ad blocking is not only moral, but needed, whilst another has replied back with the counter side.

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