The Pros and Cons of Art Directed Blog Posts


Art Directed Posts

When it comes to blogging, for a designer, the art can feel somewhat lacking in, well, art. So it is natural for the designer inside us to begin craving a new approach to this task, which can at times feel a bit tiresome and trying. Blogging can often feel this way for a designer, because we are not necessarily the best at expressing ourselves through our words. We tend to be much more visual creatures.

We are better at finding the right look than at finding the right words, so blogging can move us a bit out of our comfort zone, even though we tend to have a firm enough grasp on the topics that we tackle.

Art directed blog posts are posts that are designed individually to match the subject of the post, and they tend to break from the usual look and setup of your site. This allows you as a designer to keep a proverbial fresh coat of paint on your site, without having to take the time and make all of the considerations that come with a complete redesign.

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Building a Wiki Empire



As a Pro Blog Design reader, you’ve mastered the art of building blogs, but I want to introduce you to another form of managing information, the wiki. Certainly, you’ve seen Wikipedia and may even have contributed your writing to some of the articles. If so, then you know how easy it is to organize information with a wiki. You also may have noticed that Wikipedia tends to rank high in search engines. There are several reasons for this, but my theory is that the information is not only useful, but it also has a lot of internal links that may help articles reach the all-important Google top 10.

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