How to Pick and Optimize VPS for Your Website



Server infrastructure is closely integrated to web presence. Although the last few years we have seen quite an evolution in the web hosting space, getting your web site or blog online still requires a bit of technical skills.

It’s true that nowadays you don’t have to purchase or maintain your own server. Most web owners never see the server they host their sites in. But right now, the ability to get involved at least at the setup level is normally required if you don’t want to depend on technical staff just to modify certain settings on the server.

Blog software really makes it easy to publish online. With it, gone are the days where you should wait for hours, if not days, just to fix a typo on your web page.

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Virtual Private Server – Advantages for Bloggers / Web Designers (Plus a Business Idea)



If you’re just getting started or your web site doesn’t take up too much traffic just yet, then a shared webhost may be all you need.

The only problem is, not all shared hosting is created the same.

The Problems With Shared Hosting

You may think about a shared hosting server like a big house. Every customer who purchases an account gets access to some space inside the house but everyone has to share the dining room, kitchen and even washroom.

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