New Design for Our 2nd Birthday



Two years ago today I published the first post on this blog, a short discussion on making a good first impression (Something I’d obviously been thinking a fair bit about for starting my first blog!)

Now 2 years, 7000 subscribers, 188 posts, and 5 and a half thousand comments later, here we are. This is design number 3, and I’d love to hear what you think!

I owe a big thank you to everyone who has left a comment here, emailed me, subscribed or interacted with the site in anyway. It’s been a great 2 years, and I’m looking forward to many more!

We have a competition sponsored by Bizcard at the end of the post where we’re giving away 2500 business cards.

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Pro Blog Design on Facebook – Get Free Feedback on Your Blog Design!



The title sums it up really, we are finally on Facebook. But we aren’t just setting up another automated page that does nothing more than pull in updates from the site. No, we want to give you a reason to join us on Facebook.

Intrigued? You might want to just go ahead and join in with us now then. Otherwise, read on to hear what we have in store.

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Hiring Writers for $50-75/post (And a competition!)



This short post is mostly about taking on new writers again, but for everyone else, there’s a competition for 3 of you to win 1000 free business cards from All Business Cards at the end of the post.

Do You Know Design? Love WordPress? Write for Us!

Pro Blog Design is looking for anyone who loves coding and web design and could write articles for this blog.

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Design Review: 21 Gun Studios



Last week I put up a series of polls, and one of them asked if I should bring back the Design Review posts I used to write. The overwhelming response was yes, so here we go!

This site under review here is 21 Gun Studios, a web design firm run by Adam. He blogs about web development, and the layout is quite unique (Which is why I chose it!).

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Quick Feedback for Pro Blog Design’s Future


future1 Image by Nattu.

I want to know a little more about you the readers here on Pro Blog Design. Are the posts here exactly what you want to be reading? Could I be doing things better?

If you could take a minute to answer the short polls below, and leave a comment if you’re up for it, then hopefully together we’ll find a way to make things even better!

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New Design for Our First Birthday!



On the 5th of August 2007, I published my first article, The Crucial Ingredients of a First Impression. Now, one year later, it’s birthday time for Pro Blog Design!

With over 2000 subscribers, 2000 comments and 120 posts, it’s been a great year. We’re celebrating with a new look, and some changes to make the next one even better. Hope you like it!

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Hiring Blog Design Writers, $50 per post!


writer I want to make Pro Blog Design better. I’m open to any suggestions you have for that, but the first step I want to take is to add more writers to the site.

I will still be writing regularly, but with others on board, it means more points of view, more topic variety, and most importantly, more frequent posting!

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