The title sums it up really, we are finally on Facebook. But we aren’t just setting up another automated page that does nothing more than pull in updates from the site. No, we want to give you a reason to join us on Facebook.

Intrigued? You might want to just go ahead and join in with us now then. Otherwise, read on to hear what we have in store.

Free Feedback on Your Blog Design

One section of the Page is our Photos tab. In the tab, we have an album called “Get Feedback on Your Blog Design.”

The idea is simple, everyone in the community can share their work with others, get feedback or take inspiration from the work of others.

I’ll be taking part in that of course, but for the next 5 days, I guarantee that I will leave at least one suggestion for every member who joins and uploads a screenshot of their site.

That’s free consulting for you that I would normally charge for! So go ahead and upload your image now.


Free Support on WordPress and Blogging

I love forums. I have wanted to set one up on Pro Blog Design for as long as this site has been running, but the last thing most people want is yet another place that they need to log in and check each day.

The Discussions tab of our Facebook Page solves this perfectly. If you have trouble with WordPress, a question on CSS, or just want some advice, post it there and I’ll do my best to help out!

Of course, you could always just chat about the web, WordPress or anything else. Not everything has to be a support request!

For starters, am I following you on Twitter? If not, what’s your address?


The New Design – Have Your Say!

This is the first I have mentioned of it, but I’m busy working away on a new look for Pro Blog Design (Version 3!).

In the next few days, I will be putting up images of it on the page for fans to see. I’d love to hear feedback on it and comments on anything you think should be changed.

The first little sneak peak is the new logo in the profile picture!

More To Come

That’s what I have in store for the minute, but what’s to come? Competitions for fans? Facebook Connect here on the site? If there is anything you would like to see, just let me know. I’m all ears!

For right now though, just drop in and say Hi! on the page (And grab your free feedback while you’re at it)

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