Nature Photo by Tonyelieh Today is Monday 15th October 2007, Blog Action Day. If you don’t know what that means right now, you will by the end of the day. Blog Action Day is one day a year when bloggers around the globe unite for a common goal.

This year, bloggers are dedicated to helping the environment. I’m not going to make a speech about our planet, what our shortcomings are doing to us, or what they will do to us. There are better, wiser bloggers who will do that much better than I.

I’m going to ask a single question; when it comes to our planet, have you done more harm than good, or more good than harm?

It’s a simple question. It’s one or the other. It’s amazing how many people can convince themselves that they are somewhere in between.

If you’re not too satisfied with your answer, like so many of us aren’t, then you may be interested in Blog Action Day’s list of charities. But doing your part doesn’t always involve cash. Doing your part is much easier, and starts much closer to home.

What’s Been Happening With Pro Blog Design?

Four weeks ago, I asked you what I should do with the sidebar space freed up by losing the adverts. You gave a lot of great suggestions, including photos, social media links, empty space and more.

I’ve spent 4 weeks thinking about the decision, and have finally realized that making a decision at all is the wrong decision to make.

Originally I was thinking that I had to choose either x, y or z, but I don’t. I’m not choosing a certain widget, but nor am I choosing empty space. I’m simply realizing that there is no need for anything, and until there is a need, I will do nothing with the space. Heck of a decision to spend 4 weeks on, eh?

Regular readers will also notice that my posting frequency has been changing. Sometimes I’ll wait one day before publishing the next article, but other times I’ll wait 2. It usually depends on the quality of the post.

I prefer working this way for two reasons. The obvious one is that I spend less time writing articles (More time reading around, replying to comments etc.), and the second reason is that the discussions are better. Giving a post that extra day at the top of the blog does seem to be allowing the conversations and debates to fully pan out (Whereas before, we couldn’t help but move on to the next topic). What do you think? Any comments or complaints?

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