TypographyTypography is the practice of arranging letters and words to make them more readable, or more visually interesting. On the web, typography has long been hindered by the technology. However, times are changing and the future is looking bright for the art of typography.

The major hindrance of web typography is the very limited font set that is available to all users. When settings font in a CSS file, you can set one font which the site looks best in, but if users don’t have it, you need to fall back to one of the usual suspects. Stuart Brown has a rundown of 5 of the most-common web fonts, letting you know which to use, and which to stay well away from.

With CSS, we do have some level of control over the appearance of our fonts. It isn’t the equivalent of the pixel-perfection in print design, but it is still something, and to this end, Clagnut has 10 helpful guidelines. One of the most basic, but most important choices in web typography is text alignment, which Kyle Meyer has explained extensively.

If some of this seems a little overwhelming, don’t worry, because there is plenty of help available online. LifeClever have published a list of 46 of the best typography resources around.

Whilst many of the tools and pages are of great aid, the very best has to be sIFR (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement). sIFR is a way of using Flash and Javascript to allow you to use unique fonts for your headings. It allows you to create all sorts of headings, in stunning fonts, without the need for images.

Things don’t stop there though. In the latest A List Apart article, Håkon Wium Lie looks to the future with suggestions on what modern browsers and CSS3 could do for typography. To whet your appetite for beautiful text, I’ll leave you with a video of the incredible effects that can be achieved with great typography, and nothing else. For a few other examples, have a look at Wisdump’s latest article on motion typography.

If you know of any other typography links, let us know in the comments!

What’s Been Happening With Pro Blog Design?

I’ve been writing a few guest posts this week, most notably at ProBlogger. Darren Rowse was kind enough to let me write a post about choosing the right width for your blog. It was a topic in design that effects all bloggers, so you may want to have a read (And I’m sorry if it’s not up to the usual ProBlogger standard!).

As a final note, it was the first of September yesterday, so the top commenters list has been reset. It’s open season on those links now!

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