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Every Sunday, from now onwards, I intend on writing a Weekly Wrap-up post. The post will first of all present a set of links on a certain topic, related to blog design of course. After the links, I’ll write a little summary of anything special that happened on Pro Blog Design that week, and any comments that really stood out to me.

So without further ado, the first wrap-up is on de-cluttering your blog.

About a week ago, Darren Rowse set his readers the task of de-cluttering their sidebars, as part of his 31 Day Project. Of course, Darren’s blog has around 30,000 readers, so when he says to do something, mere mortals must do. The object of de-cluttering is to remove all of the “cool” widgets and such that have built up over time, but aren’t benefitting your readers. In response to this task, Mihai wrote up a list of everything in his sidebar, and assessed individually whether or not he should keep each one.

This is a great way of removing clutter from the sidebar, but what about the rest of the blog? Cue Skellie. Skellie has written up the most fantastic list of 50 Ways to De-Clutter Your Blog. Whilst I may not agree with them all, I can guarantee that you will find at least a few points which apply to your own blog, leaving you with some decisions to make.

Furthermore, Mihaela Lica has written a great article on how SEOs and designers may well have different opinions on certain aspects of a webpage, and how they cause clutter, whilst Marc & Angel have pinpointed the most notorious example of clutter on the web, Myspace. To finish up, I’d like to point out that removing clutter isn’t specific to webpages. This is a universally desirable goal.

What’s Happening With Pro Blog Design?

We’ve switched from showing partial feeds, to full feeds. I take it this is a change that most of you approve of? Apologies for sending out partials in the first place. I won’t make that mistake again! Thanks to Kristarella for pointing it out to me. On the commenting side of things, the discussions on opening links in new windows, and the use of post excerpts on the homepage have been fantastic. Many great opinions have been given so far!

The high-point of the week blog so far has been receiving an SOB (Successful and Outstanding Blogger award) from Liz Strauss, the successful blogger. The style of this post was actually inspired by Joanna Young’s themed link-post idea, and Liz’s subsequent challenge.


Part of Liz’s description of an SOB is, “They take the conversation to their readers…” In other words, there couldn’t be such awards without the readers. This blog would be nothing without the readers, subscribers, and commenters above all. So, to everyone who has left a comment so far, thank you! And to everyone who hasn’t, perhaps you can fix that by answering a question?

What did you think of this style of post? Is it something you’d like to see continued weekly?

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