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It began with ProBlogger. It became “newsworthy” with John Chow. It has been peppered with countless other blogs along the way. Redesigning seems to be all the rage this Summmer, but why redesign your blog?

The obvious reason is of course to simply make your blog better. When you first create a design it seems great, but over time you notice the cracks in the wall. Eventually the number of cracks builds up to a point where a redesign seems the logical choice. This certainly seems to have been the case with the fantastic ProBlogger redesign, and to this end, Simple Thoughts have put together a list of 9 Redesign Ideas.

However, this isn’t the only reason. Among Ben Cook’s 5 Reasons For A Blog Redesign he has hit the nail on the head in one respect. Ben lists “Buzz” and “Linkbait” as his first two reasons for a redesign, and this is undoubtedly true in the case of John Chow.

What better way could Nate Whitehill have hyped up the release of his new design agency, than by offering a free design to a famous blogger? Of course, John then took full advantage of the offer and pumped up his blog into a real money maker. Win-win situation for all.

A blog redesign can hold a lot of advantages for a business, but it isn’t limited to rich corporations. Charlene has written up a nice set of steps for a blog makeover that anyone could do. The important thing is that you redesign your blog for the right reasons.

There are many reasons to redesign your blog. As Yaro Starak’s latest video says, blog design matters, but it isn’t the most important aspect. He’s right, to a point.

What’s Happening With Pro Blog Design?

With this blog being under 3 weeks old now, it seems a little too early for a redesign. With that said, I was pleased to find it turning up in a few CSS galleries this week. There are still quite a few things to be sorted out though.

Thanks to a comment from Skellie, the recent posts section of the sidebar has been replaced by a popular posts section, and thanks to a comment from David Airey, the comments have been redone to make reading them a little easier. Furthermore, I’m choosing you. The Google Adsense banner is gone, and has been replaced with some recommendations of my favorite books, and some links to products that might help you learn a little more online. They’re still affiliate links, but they’re a lot more useful for those who want them, and a lot less obtrusive for those who don’t!

Let’s not stop there. What other changes would you like to see made?

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