Blogging tips. Blogging has become a huge industry these days, not just in terms of design and development, but of blogging advice too. There are hundreds of blogs out there on all aspects of blogging, from writing content, to making money. There are even some on blog design! Imagine that.

Although all of that advice may be available for free, it isn’t readily available. It will take you many hours of trawling to find those few gems that make it all worthwhile. Rather than wasting time sorting out the signal from the noise, you have the option of paying for some solid guidance and advice.

Anyone can pose as a consultant though, so this post is about the places where I personally would spend my money if I wanted blogging advice (No affiliate links anywhere. Just honest opinion).

Blog Consulting

I’ll start with Skellie, the person who prompted this post. It may have been there all along, but today was the first day that I noticed Skellie’s blog consulting page. I couldn’t recommend Skellie’s blog any higher. It is one place where you will always find unique, and useful advice. If you’re looking for advice on content creation and building a blog that readers will enjoy, then Skellie is undoubtedly the woman for the job.

There are two other blog consultancy services which I would highly recommend. The first is Omiq, from Chris Garrett, and the second is BlogLOUDER, from Adnan. Both offer a range of different consultancy services, and both write blogs that I’m subscribed to, but I would say that Chris’s specialty is creating viral content and various forms of user interaction. Adnan’s specialty on the other hand is the original creation of the blog, and its underlying strategy.

Written Advice

Of course, consultancy isn’t the only way to go. Another option is to purchase premium advice. The 6 Figure Blogging pack from Darren Rowse is full of money-making advice, from the ProBlogger (though I’m not sure when it was last updated).

Blog Mastermind is a more recent addition, from Yaro Starak. For a monthly subscription fee you will receive a range of articles, podcasts, videos and access to a private forum for advice. You will find adverts for this mentorship everywhere, and that fact alone would convince me that Yaro is an expert at marketing and monetizing, at the very least.

Every option listed above will provide great value to your blog, yet they will all be expensive to some extent. The option that provides the most bang for your buck would have to be the fantastic looking Blogging Tips book, by Lorelle. Whilst I haven’t managed to get a copy of it myself yet, I’ve been reading Lorelle’s blog for a long time. Knowing Lorelle, I would say that at $12 this is one of the most under priced books you’re likely to come across.

What’s Been Happening On Pro Blog Design?

As always with these Weekly Wrapup posts, there’s a little section on Pro Blog Design news. Firstly, I’ve joined in Daily Blog Tips Tips and Tricks Writing Project. Out of the 122 submissions, my 5 favorite articles were:

Secondly, I want to get your opinion again. This time, on the Popular Posts section of the sidebar.

Most Popular Posts sections list the most popular posts a blog has ever had. However, Skellie (Yep, that Skellie) has recently given me the idea of changing this to being the most popular recent posts. On her blog, she adds a new post to the list quite frequently, and even uses images as the titles, keeping the list fresh. Would you like to see something similar here?

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