If you’d like to have your work published on Pro Blog Design and get paid for it, this is the place to find out how.

The info below lays out how we work out payments, how to submit your post, and make sure you get your credit.

FAQs covered here:

  • What are the payment rates?
  • How will I be paid?
  • How do I submit a post?
  • What do I do when I’ve written a post?

What are the Payment Rates?

The payment per article is either $100 or $125.

  • $100 – All list posts, and any tutorial/article on a relatively basic topic.
  • $125 – All posts on more complicated topics, or with deeper explanations (In general, 1500+ words)

How Will I be Paid?

All payments are made via PayPal. When you sign up to the site (read the next section), make sure to add your PayPal address to your profile.

If PayPal isn’t accepted in your country, we can also pay via Moneybookers. To indicate you’d prefer Moneybookers payment, please update your payment details field in your profile with “Moneybookers: youraddress@site.com”

NB – Moneybookers payments will be made in GBP (£), at whatever exchange rate xe.com gives at the time I send the funds to Moneybookers. This method also takes up to a week longer to get paid.

No other payment methods are offered, sorry.

How do I Submit a Post?

First up, we’ll need to get you an account on the website!

  • Register at: /wp-login.php?action=register
  • Check your emails for the random password emailed to you.
  • Log in at : /wp-admin/
  • Important: Click your name in the top right of the screen, to go to your profile. Fill in the “Description” field (Feel free to include a link to your site, in HTML). It will be used as your by-line on your posts. Your avatar will be the Gravatar for your email address.
  • And make sure you fill in your PayPal address in the payment address field in your profile. You don’t want to miss out on that cash, do you?
  • (Optional) : You can also change your password on this page.

What do I do When I’ve Written the Post?

To begin writing your post, click “Add New” from the “Posts” dropdown on your left. You can use the Visual/HTML tabs to swap between visual and code views of the post (WordPress can do weird things to your formatting in the visual editor, just so you know!)

For info on how your post should be laid out and formatting guides to follow, have a look at the formatting FAQ.

You can save the post and come back to it later. When you’ve finished editing it and are ready for it to be reviewed, save it as pending and send an email to editor[at]problogdesign.com to let us know you’d like us to have a look at it!